Preparing Your Home For Listing

Dated: 06/05/2018

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Preparing your Home for Listing 

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Exterior Preparation: 

1. Cut grass and remove clippings. 

2. Trim, prune, all trees, shrubs, or other bushes. 

3. Add flower arrangement to front entrance. 

4. Place garbage cans inside garage. 

5. Remove any outdoor toys or other clutter. 

6. Remove alarm company or other security sign from lawn. 

7. Clean all walkways and driveways. 

8. Straight all lawn furniture (open umbrella). 

9. For twilight images, makes sure all outdoor lights are in working order. 

10. Remove any lawn equipment (mowers, rakes, shovels) and neatly wrap or remove all gardenhoses. 

11. Do not leave any vehicles parked on the driveway or in front of the house. 

12. If a pool is present, make sure water is clean and clear. Remove all pool toys. 

Interior Staging: 

General requirements: 

1. Sweep all floors and vacuum all carpets. 

2. Dust all furniture. 

3. Straighten curtains and open shades or blinds. 

4. Turn off all ceiling fans. 

5. Remove Fido’s water and food dishes, bed, and toys. 

6. Clean windows, mirrors, and all other glass items. 

7. Remove books or magazines from tabletops. 


1. Make sure all light fixtures are working properly. 

2. If possible, make sure all light bulbs are the same type for consistent lighting. 

3. Turn on all lights 5 minutes before scheduled showing or photo shoot to give ample time forwarm up. 


1. Remove all clutter from refrigerator surface (magnets, artwork, fingerprints). 

2. Clear all items from counter-tops (coffeemaker, toaster, blender). 

3. Store away all cleaning supplies. 

4. Hide garbage can. 

Dining Room: 

1. Straighten table and chairs. 

2. Set table with formal dishware, glassware, and utensils or add a low profile floral decoration tocenter of table. 

Living/Bonus Rooms: 

1. Turn off computer and TV screens. 

2. Remove any extensions cords that are visible. 

3. Remove personal items (pictures, artwork, and paperwork). 


1. Make sure beds are made. 

2. Remove any personal items from dresser tops. 

3. Remove any throw rugs that break up the flooring. 

4. Hide garbage cans. 


1. Clean mirror. 

2. Straighten towels on towel rack. 

3. Remove garbage can. 

4. Remove clutter from counter including personal items. 

Closets (walk in only): 

1. Straighten all clothing items on racks. 

2. Remove all clothing, or other items from floor.

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