Top Quality Photos And Virtual Tours Are Key In Todays Market

Dated: 07/11/2018

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Top-Quality Photos and Virtual Tours Are Key in Today’s Market

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More than 80 percent of home shoppers start their searches online, so it makes sense that the first impression of your listing be delivered with top quality photos and videos.

Don’t DIY Photos

A professional real estate photographer knows how to set the lighting, find the proper angles for the room size and shape, and bring the viewer’s focus to key features of a home. The pros will have professional grade digital equipment much better than your cell phone or point-and-shoot camera. Likewise, a video or virtual tour should be left to a pro unless you are an experienced videographer who operates editing and production software with skill. A skilled professional will also ensure the images are easily viewed on all devices.

Setting the Stage

Before a single picture is taken, the house must be staged. The house should be thoroughly cleaned and all clutter removed. Furniture should be rearranged or removed to promote the most spacious look. Accessories with vibrant hues are used to make each room “pop” with color. Get more tips for staging your home for sale here.

Costs of Staging and Photography

While interviewing prospective agents, ask if staging and photos are included in their services. It varies, depending on the real estate firm and region of the country. Some agents require sellers to foot the bill but will credit the cost of staging and photo services at closing.

Latest and Greatest Technology for Photos

Enterprising agents eager to use the newest tools of the trade may also offer live streaming and the use of drone photography in their marketing portfolios. During a live streaming event, typically on Facebook, an agent will walk viewers (clients) through a home, pointing out its features and providing a running commentary. This is especially invaluable when dealing with out-of-town clients or those on a tight schedule. Not a regular Facebook user? Not a problem. Live streaming posts are available to be played back later at your convenience. Drone photography is another marketing tool gaining in popularity, providing prospective buyers with previously unseen views of homes and properties. If you’re interested in using drone photography to market your home, ask your agent to check government restrictions in your area of the country.

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